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Tips for Septic Tank Care

Tips for Septic Tank Care
Septic tank maintenance is important to keep both your tank and leach field working properly. Unfortunately, some people either do not know how to take care of their septic system or choose not to do so. But, by following some simple tips for septic maintenance, you can help your system function properly for a long time. Some easy things to do include:

Comprehensive Care

Part of having a septic system should involve knowing where the different portions of it are located. This is important to note, because driving over the leach field of digging into pipe can cause huge problems. Another thing to note is that trees, bushes and other things with deep roots should be kept away from the system as they cause clogging.

Schedule Pumping 

Getting your system regularly pumped is important to the health of your septic tank. For normal houses, every year is considered a recommended interval. Making sure to follow the advice on what to put down your septic system can help forestall pumping as well.

What Goes Down the Pipes

Septic systems can be made less effective when they are exposed to certain things. Exposing your system to too much water can cause it to not work as well. The same can be said about solids. Too much can hinder the systems’ efficiency. Make sure not to put large scraps down your pipes and try to stay away from cleaning products that kill bacteria.
Following these simple tips can keep your system working at peak efficiency for decades to come. Contact the experts at Economy Septic Tank Service to discuss your needs today.