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Septic Inspections and Maintenance

Maintenance Plan
The Performance and longevity of a septic system depends on the use and abuse of it. Just like any other part of your home, your septic system needs regular routine maintenance. If maintained properly, your septic system is underground, out of sight-out of mind, there could be potential problems that go unnoticed. While an inspection is not a guarantee, it is the best way to ensure that your system is doing the best job possible to protect you and the environment.
Do you realize how important your septic system is? Most people do not give their septic system a thought, as long as it is working properly. But when it isn’t working as it should, many times it is too late.
If proper maintenance is done in a timely manner, it can prevent costly repairs to your system.
It is recommended that you have your tank pumped and inspected once every 3 years.
When we come out, we open up the tank. We pump the tank and check all the major components of the tank to make sure there are no problems. This includes the inlet pipe and filter, the outlet tee, baffle, lids and tank walls, as well as the line coming into the tank from the house and the field lines.
If any problems are detected the technician will advise you at the time of the inspection. We will give you a fee estimate if any repairs are necessary.